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The Noni Juice® - Way to a Healthy LifeStyle


There is no one recipe for a healthy lifestyle, which entails feeling great, looking great, and having a whole new attitude towards life! So make those little changes, take a few extra strides, drink a little more water, and eat lots of fruit, exercise, avoid drugs, and take to drinking Noni Juice®!

Let the sunshine in: Sunlight is so central to life that we don’t give it a second thought! Sunshine not only prevents Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression in winters due to lack of sunshine, but is a source of Vitamin D for the body. This Vitamin D helps regulate blood pressure and helps control stress.

A healthy sleep routine
: Prepare for a restful night by relaxing before it’s time to sleep to help your body slow down. Take a bath, read a book, or listen to music while you unwind, and lowering the lights will further adjust your body to bedtime.

Lose weight and keep it off for good: Lose fat and not muscle, because it is the muscle that makes you stronger to perform exercises and lose calories. With increase in muscle and decrease in fat, you appear and feel skinnier. Regular exercise keeps you fit; helps loose weight and stay healthy.

Exercise regularly to beat stress: Exercise is not all about losing weight, it one of the most powerful ways to beat stress. While managing weight and heart health, getting plenty of exercise helps your body cope with the build up of everyday stress. During exercise, cortisol, a stress chemical is burnt off by the body. Moreover, the “feel good” chemicals produced in the body because of exercising elevate mood and make one feel happier.

Low carb diet: Low carb diets help in weight loss because such diets make for lower calorie intake. Additionally, the glycols burnt by the body release water, and it is this loss of water that makes for the drop in weight rather than fat loss. Eating low fat and low calorie diets is also recommended.

Avoid Junk food and eat raw foods: Junk food lacks nutrients and contains substances that are unnatural to the human body, such as chemicals, pesticides and fractured foods. Also, food that is cooked or heated often does not retain any nutrients. Eat raw salad and fresh fruit daily to make for a balance of essential vitamins and minerals and fibre to keep your digestive system healthy.

Chew your food well: There is wisdom in your mothers constant nagging about chewing your food, because that is where the digestive process begins. Chewing softens food for easier swallowing and also sends out signals to the stomach to release gastric juices. Saliva that mixes with food while chewing contains an enzyme that breaks down starches. Chew your food properly for good digestion.

Take effective medication for depression and anxiety: Firstly, before you take anything, get a proper diagnosis done from a psychiatrist. A health care professional may prescribe Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) that are very effective antidepressants. Antianxiety drugs and beta blockers may be prescribed for anxiety. However, do not rely on medicines alone, but combine them with psychotherapy and other alternative treatments.

Live in the present: Don’t worry about the past or the future; instead live in the present moment to avoid unnecessary stress. Focus on the here and now!

Slow down and appreciate life: Take time to look around you and appreciate all the wonderful and beautiful surroundings. It is the little things that we miss out in busy schedules that make life worthwhile. So, slow down and take in the baby’s smile, the beautiful sunset, colourful and sweet smelling flowers, and you’ll watch your life become more enjoyable and meaningful.

Avoid Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine: Tobacco and caffeine are stimulants that keep you awake. So for restful sleep avoid caffeine in the evenings. The same goes for alcohol, which if consumed in large amounts at night is bound to make for disturbed sleep.

To get the daily recommended doses of various vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it becomes essential to take supplements or health drinks as part of your healthy lifestyle to avoid common problems such as asthma, arthritis, and diabetes. Living and being healthy is your responsibility but that does not mean you can't find some help. The secret to good health is Noni juice, a healthy beverage with whole fruit goodness in it.

Let Noni juice® guide you to a healthier lifestyle! Noni juice® is known to support cardiovascular, digestive, immune and general wellness. Many people believe that Noni helped in improving overall health, all this by a great tasting drink! Noni juice provides a powerful immune support and is truly a gift from nature!




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