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Tahitian Noni International launches HIRO - The first Noni Enriched beverage


Energy in motion

Hiro energy, Hiro Mobility, Hiro Vitality

Have you ever thought about the difference between a regular ocean wave and a tidal wave? For starters, regular ocean waves are generated by wind, can travel up to about 40 miles per hour, and may have a wavelength of roughly 490 feet.

Tidal waves on the other hand are generated by a major change in the ocean floor, can travel well over 600 miles per hour, and have a wavelength in excess of 62 miles! Over time, many small waves will change the landscape of the industry forever. And you best pay attention. If ignored, this kind of wave will sweep you off your feet.

The introduction of Tahitian Noni® Juice was just such a wave, made even more powerful by the simultaneous introduction of global bonus pools, a fast start bonus, and dynamic compression, a feature that eliminated “breakage“. People joined us faster than anything the network marketing world had ever seen. Those who mistook the tidal wave as simple change in tide were left stranded and were unable to complete. And since that initial wave, Tahitian Noni International has continued to hit the industry with smaller waves, fueling the momentum, building on excellence, and setting new standards.

Now, 10 years later, another wave is coming. Are you ready to ride the wave?

Introducing HIRO

Like a looming giant in the distance, the next big wave is about o hit the industry. Tahitian Noni International is introducing an entirely new product category with launch of these products the first Noni enriched beverage line offering a more natural, healthier way to enjoy vitality, energy, and mobility.

Worldwide energy drink sales topped $16 billion in 2006 with significant growth in every major market worldwide. And unlike many other products, energy drinks sell to all income levels, creating a wide open customer base. Tahitian Noni International is attacking this market full force with a new twist: Noni-enriched beverages that offer the same pick-me-up benefits without some of the negative side effects of drinks currently available.

Everyone face different challenges, but not matter how your world is defined, there are these products that’s right for you. Powered by Energy, Mobility and Vitalityare the answers you’re looking for. Read more about Beverages in our FAQ section...

What started the wave?

There are over six billion people on the planet, and the majority of them are looking for a way to get through their day, move more freely, and live life more fully. Tahitian Noni International knew that millions of people had benefited from Tahitian Noni Juice. But they also knew that Noni still had health secrets to offer, and so the research began.

Formulations were focused on making a drink for the everyday person, a quick and healthy alternative to sodas, coffee, and other crash-and-burn drinks. Tahitian Noni International understood that we’re not all out there playing extreme sports and climbing Everest, but we do all have our own daily “mountains” to climb. They took this knowledge and combined it with cutting-edge science and their intimate knowledge of Noni. The results? these products a line of three power-packed drinks that will change the way people approach their day. Unlike other drinks that use refined sugar and artificial stimulants, these products uses Noni juice, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and other natural ingredients to supply the body with the nourishment it deserves.

these products are source of energy, vitality, and mobility you can feel good about drinking. Powered by Tahitian Noni®* this unique product line offers a healthier, more responsible way to enjoy energy and mobility. No matter who you are or what you do, these products give you the edge you need to Conquer Your world. Learn more about Tahitian Noni Innovative products...

Business has never been so good

these products are the first beverage line Tahitian Noni International has launched since introducing the world to Tahitian Noni® Juice more that 10 years ago. This is no small moment for the network marketing industry as millions of new people will be exposed to the Tahitian Noni brand, increasing sales strength, tapping power, and the overall appeal of the Tahitian Noni business opportunity.

these products represents such an incredible opportunity. beverages will be sold in retail locations such as Grocery stores, fitness clubs, bars, restaurants etc. It is how they will be distributed to these retail locations that open this mind blowing opportunity. Only distributors through Tahitian Noni International will be allowed to sell to the retail locations, meaning the opportunities for the distributors is almost endless. This is a net workers dream and you can be apart of it at the forefront!!

Now Tahitian Noni International is offering you a ground level opportunity to get in on the deal. these products are coming with the force of a tidal wave and with a loud and clear message to networkers worldwide: Act now and experience success like never before; wait, and watch your opportunity get washed away with the tide. 

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* The trademark Tahitian Noni® refers to Tahitian Noni® brand products.

Reference: Network Marketing Business Journal, April 2007.



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