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History of Tahitian Noni International

"Thousands have reported feeling more energetic, improved health and feeling more ALIVE after trying the original Noni juice."

Tahitian Noni International: The Fastest Growing Company

Tahitian Noni International (formerly known as Morinda, inc.) is a Utah-based company that began business in 1996 with a single product – Tahitian Noni® Juice. At face value, this new company may have appeared to be just another network marketing venture, but as the industry soon realized. Tahitian Noni International was much more. *Ranking number 26 on Inc. Magazine’s list of “500 fastest growing companies” and named in modern history” by Griffin Hill Consulting, Tahitian Noni International has been explosive from the start and continues to experience record-breaking growth well into its 11th year of business.

Some have tried to copy its business model while others have tried to imitate TAHITAN Noni Juice. But as illustrated by a recent $100,000 challenge, no one has ever been able to match the unparalleled success of Tahitian Noni international.

History of Tahitian Noni International

In 1993, food scientists John Wadsworth and Stephen Story discovered Noni fruit through a friend who had recently returned from French Polynesia. They studied and researched the Noni fruit for three years before successfully developing the methods for harvesting, processing, and bottling the Tahitian Noni® Juice without sacrificing its critical natural elements.

In July of 1996, they introduced Tahitian Noni® Juice to the United States. This is a significant achievement for several reasons: Noni Juice had never before been on the market anywhere in the world. John and Stephen succeeded in overcoming the difficulties involved in harvesting the Noni fruit; it grows only in the wild and must be harvested in the wild.

For people who are not raised around Noni , it has a slightly objectionable taste that John and Stephen were able to overcome using only natural organic fruit juices. It is necessary to harvest Noni fruit at the correct stage of maturity in order to maintain the quality of the juice.

After 2 years, they met Kerry Asay , former CEO and Chairman of an old successful network marketing company. Mr. Asay immediately recognized the opportunity in this discovery. He began to plan a unique company whose only mission would be to bring the secrets of the Noni Plant, Morinda Citrifolia to the world.

"Few innovations have captured the world with such widespread attention as this sublime juice from the Islands of the South Pacific."
Stephen Story / VP, Research & Development

TNI Executives

The Mission of Tahitian Noni International

As stated, Tahitian Noni International, Inc. was established for the sole purpose of bringing Tahitian Noni® juice to the world. Tahitian Noni Internationa is dedicated to allowing everyone who is earnestly seeking to promote health and a happier lifestyle, to have access to 100% authentic Tahitian Noni® Juice. This product will eventually help millions enjoy financial freedom.

"The large number of people who have had their health dramatically improved because Tahitian Noni® juice is truly humbling. I believe Tahitian Noni International has the responsibility to take this great blessing to the world."
Kerry Asay, / President & CEO

Founding Principals of Tahitian Noni International, INC.

Honesty and Integrity
We will do our very best to infuse honesty and integrity into every business relationship.

Fair Treatment of All Individuals
Distributors, Employees, and Vendors will be treated fairly. We will avoid making deals with one that we are not willing to offer to all.

Strong Leadership
We may make mistakes along the way, and when we do we will correct them as quickly as possible.

Commitment to Honorable, Frugal Business Practices
Practices that will allow the opportunity to exist far beyond our current reach.

Commitment to Offering the Finest Distributor Support of any company

Valuable input comes from many different places, we recognize the importance of keeping an open mind and a thankful attitude.

Hard Work
We believe that their is wisdom in the old saying, The harder I work, the luckier I get. Good, honest hard work will be one of the key ingredients for our success.

We understand that the product we offer was made by God, not us. We gratefully approach the task of bringing the product to people everywhere.

What Sets Tahitian Noni International Apart

Absolutely no me-too products. While most every company scrambles to copy anything that is remotely popular in the market, Tahitian Noni International has paid the price for exclusive innovation. Tahitian Noni® juice has never been on the market, never advertised, never offered by any company (including retail and direct marketing). The Tahitian Noni International team has spent nearly three years researching this product and developing the means to bring it to the marketplace.
An opportunity that is simple, focused and duplicable. While other companies have a difficult time focusing (and as a result have a difficult time being successful over the long term), Tahitian Noni International will attract thousands of individuals simply because of pure mission.
A compensation plan that will set the standard for the rest of the industry for decades to come. A plan that is simple to read and understand, friendly to new distributors, rewarding to builders, and fair to all. Tahitian Noni International believes deeply in the concept of networking. Tahitian Noni International's Accelerated Income Plan was designed to fulfill the expectations of the individuals that become involved. No hype, no empty impossible dreams.
Company support that will be second to none. Tahitian Noni International will do things right. We will utilize the finest computer technology, telephone support and communications, literature and support tools, and the important personal touch at the home office that will set us apart from the crowd. Every product order, commission check, and distributor inquiry will receive our best attention.
Blessing the lives of many people. Beyond the obvious benefit to those who join our mission and benefit from our singular product. Tahitian Noni International touches hundreds of lives in far away Tahiti . Life in the islands can be a challenge due to high unemployment and lack of financial opportunity. Tahitian Noni International has provided something to these people that is very precious and appreciated -- an opportunity to honestly provide for the needs of their families.

*"Using the 2003 lists of public companies as reported in the Fortune 500, the Global Fortune 1000, and the Forbes 500, and after adjusting for inflation, as far as we can determine, Tahitian Noni International would have been the fourth fastest-growing company in modern history."
*[behind Google, Intel, and Federal Express] Griffin Hill Consulting

Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultant.
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