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Positive Development and Growth of Teenagers with Noni Juice


From childhood to adulthood, it’s a rollercoaster ride that we refer to as adolescence. This transitional stage of life occurs between ages 13 to 19. Teenagers or young adults experience various cognitive and physical changes, and they are especially associated with mood swings. The changes in attitude, emotions, and a growing understanding of oneself as well as one’s surroundings leads to both conflict as well as a positive personality development.

While your teenager son and daughter may start giving more importance to their friends than you, and may want to do and say things that seem socially unacceptable, remember that this is the time when they need you to guide them and look after them the most. Most of all, they need a home environment and family support, with the concept of right and wrong reiterated strongly and ingrained thoroughly during these formative years.

Parents must ensure that their teenaged kids do not feel bored, indecisive or unmotivated. Fighting with peer pressure, the pressure to become socially acceptable and a notable individual, the need to constantly keep up the grades at school, the constant struggle with questions about sex, alcohol, drugs, among other things can really take a toll on the adolescents’ mental and physical health.

Hence, the importance of knowing all about teen health cannot be overemphasized. First of all, let teenagers explore and learn as much as they can about their bodies, the process of growing up, the need of getting braces for their teeth, skin problems such as acne and pimples, changes in voice, gain or loss of weight, and all other changes that occur from head to toe.

Being healthy of course is not restricted to physical health, but dealing with the changes in your mind. Teenagers especially have to struggle to maintain their mental health in their endeavour to understand relationships, body image, families, emotions and more. They have to be taught how to deal with fighting parents or divorced parents, and their own conduct and manner of speaking to their elders.

Adolescents are most susceptible to depression. Five ways to fight depression are exercise, nutrition, identifying problems but not dwelling on them, giving expression to their thoughts and always looking on the brighter side of things. Teenagers must learn how to deal with grief, understand their moods, their fears and phobias, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, shyness, stress, culture shocks, their own body image, relationships, love, and peer pressure.

It is really important for teenagers to be educated about sexual health, lest their ignorance and curiosity leads them to make any wrong moves. Parents, teachers and counsellors must keep teenagers informed as far as puberty, menstruation, infection, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases are concerned.

Teenagers often tend to get obsessed with looking thin or projecting a certain body image. While their focus is more on looking good than feeling good and healthy, they must be educated on healthy eats, dieting, strength training, eating disorders, steroids, and more. Food and fitness are important and teenagers must learn how to maintain a healthy weight, all about smart snacking, the truth about diets, nutrition basics, food safety, and ills of smoking, exercising, and more!

Smoking, drinking, and doing drugs are what teenagers need to be strictly warned against. If they are well acquainted with facts about smoking, second-hand smoke, binge drinking, caffeine, drugs and dealing with addiction, they are in a better position to take wise decisions. Also, knowing about health issues from asthma to ulcers and others that can affect teenagers can help them in dealing with their problems in a better way. Finally, teenagers need to learn how to deal with emergencies and staying safe.

With so much to learn and so much to think about, from mood swings to peer pressure, teenagers seem to have their plate full! To deal with all that adolescence brings with it, teenagers need to supplement their diet with additional nutrition. Teenagers have unique issues so the health drink for them must be packed with all the good qualities needed for healthy development.

Immediately, Noni juice® comes to mind! It’s nature’s food that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes, thereby catering to the health needs of teenagers. Since the benefits of Noni juice work to promote inner well being, the same is reflected as outer beauty. Inner and outer strength is just what teenagers need; hence, there is no better friend than Noni juice in the journey from childhood to adulthood. 



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