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Tahitian Noni® Business Opportunity FAQs

What is included in the distributor kit?

  1. Your distributor kit consists of many things, including:
    • A CD-ROM
    • A DVD
    • Policy Menu
    TNI Headoffice
  2. Distributor Agreement form, which you need to mail/fax back.
  3. Trade Winds Magazine (Wholesale Catalogue)
  4. Up to date articles
  5. Business Strategies
  6. Top Distributor Recognition
    • Special Edition Trade Winds Magazine
    • Retail Catalogue
    • Tahiti Dream Cards
    • TNJ Flyers and Brochures
    • Tahiti Trim Flyer

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What are the benefits, excluding wholesale price, of signing up as an IPC?

Besides the obvious wholesale price, there are many other benefits to signing up as a Tahitian Noni IPC (Independent Product Consultant). On top of the wholesale price you can also earn fast start commissions on a weekly basis and and uni-level commissions on monthly basis.  TNI logo

Also you earn 20% rebate on all purchases above 120 QV (or four bottles), on all orders made in the same month frame. You also earn an opportunity to complete success camps, go on partially/all paid for Trips/Vacations and much more.

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Is the $35 fee a lifetime membership or will I have to renew it every year?

The $35 membership fee is a one time fee, which never needs to be paid again on Case Autoship.

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How much commission has been paid in last 10 years?

TNI has paid over $3.5 billion to their distributors in the last ten years, including 53% of all commissionable volume paid out to distributors as well.

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What is Success Camp?

The Success Path is a strategic, step-by-step training program that is designed to take a distributor from his or her first check all the way to the pinnacle of a TNI career. There are three convenient ways you may complete this camp; in person at a local office, on the phone or online.

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What is the difference between a customer in the Autoship Rewards Program and an IPC?


A customer in the rewards program and an IPC both receive the same wholesale price, the difference is an IPC has the benefit of earning commissions, attending camps, and earning some other benefits.

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