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Building your TNI Business


You now have the potential of building a business that will not only give you a gratifying sense of purpose, but also the opportunity to change your lifestyle and the lifestyle of those around you.
Your level of success will be based on how well you take advantage of what Noni Juice DistributorsTNI has put into your hands. TNI's Compensation Plan offers 5 different ways of earning income:
1.     Retail Profit
2.     Fast Start Bonus
3.     Personal Rebate
4.     Unilevel Commissions
5.     Global Bonus Pools
These could very easily be summarized into two ways of earning income. 
Merchandising Income
Think of yourself as a virtual Tahitian Noni store, where you can offer people the opportunity to shop for TNI products and receive the many benefits of Tahitian Noni products. Every time a consumer buys product from you (your TNI store), you will receive 20% Personal Rebate if you are on Case AutoShip. We call this “merchandising income” and it is made through your own personal efforts.
Passive Income
J. Paul Getty once said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men, than 100% of my own effort.”  Imagine being able to open other virtual Tahitian Noni stores around your community, your city, your province, your country, even around the world, and receiving a percentage of the total sales of each store!  In addition if you meet certain volume requirements you are entitled to participate in total company profit sharing through the Global Bonus Pools. We call this “Passive Income” and it is made with the efforts of others.
It is very important for you to understand that, in order for you to build a solid business, you need to balance your efforts with these two sources of income.
Studies have shown that in the last 50 years, Network Marketing has been able to penetrate 13% of the population. This means that the 87% that is left over gives you two possibilities:
  1. There are a lot of people out there that still do not know what Network Marketing is, and do not know the potential that it has to change their lives.

    Therefore giving you a lot of room to expand your business by finding Business Builders.

    Business Builders are those people that are committed to go on Case Autoship, attend Success Path camps, build a list, show the TNI opportunity and share the Tahitian Noni products. They are committed to growing their TNI business. Join now as a TNI Independedent Products Consultant to start signing up business builders. 
  2. There are a lot of people out there that are not interested in Network Marketing, but are ready to enjoy the benefits of Tahitian Noni products. Therefore giving you a lot of room to grow your business through Consumers.

    a. Consumers are those people that are interested in consuming our products and enjoying the benefits that Tahitian Noni products bring.

    b. Repeat business – Once they feel the benefits of our products, they will buy from you on a regular basis. 20% of anything they purchase

    c. Great source of referrals

    Taking into consideration the previous study we recommend that you create a culture where all your business builders follow the 80/20 strategy.

    I.       80% of your Personal Volume comes from your Consumer base.
    II.     20% of your Personal Volume comes from your Case Autoship.
Example: Suppose your organization makes a sale of 5 cases. Each case is worth 120 QPV. Ideally 4 cases should come from your consumer base and 1 case from business builders.
120QPV (Case Autoship) 480QPV (Consumers) = 600QPV
As your organization begins to grow, you will see how the merging of these two elements (Business Builders & Consumers) will not only give you a steady income, but a stable and solid business that will stand the test of time.



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