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Which Noni Juice is the Best

Did you know that... Tahitian Noni® Juice is the most powerful antioxidants known to the mankind.

There are around 100 companies now a days claiming to sell Noni juice and flooding the Noni juice market. This is an attempt to explain which Noni Juice is best and help you to achieve maximum health benefits and best value of your money.

Who introduced Noni Juice to the world?

Tahitian Noni International (Morinda) was the first company to bring Noni juice called Tahitian Noni® Juice, to the world. It means out of 1000 people drinking Noni juice, 950 are drinking only Tahitian Noni® Juice from us. They drink it because they get all the health benefits> that they expect from a Noni juice. Buy Now!

Once other companies saw the benefits of Noni juice and success of Tahitian Noni International (Morinda), they started trying imitating Tahitian Noni International (Morinda)'s Tahitian Noni® Juice. It baffles us how a company that sells chemicals or internet services can claim to be an expert on Noni juice. Unfortunately most of the ME-TOO companies failed or failing. They failed to deliver all the benefits of Noni fruit.

Original and Authentic Tahitian Noni® Juice

Tahitian Noni® Juice is the only product endorsed by Dr. Ralph Heinicke, Dr. Annie Hirazumi-Kim and many others.
Tahitian Noni International prides itself on the fact that they control the process from the tree to the bottle and every step in between. This allows them to ensure that every bottle of Tahitian Noni® Juice is consistently of superior quality.

Tahitian Noni International is the only company in the world that has paid the price to achieve the proper knowledge and research. Tahitian Noni International owns the only extraction process known that actually protects the important ingredients and the integrity of theTahitian Noni® juice. No chemical residues, toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, or contaminants of any kind added to deliver the benefits of pure natural Noni fruit. Tahitian Noni International thermally treats the product to prolong its shelf life and reduce the occurrence of contaminants.

Quality Tahitian Noni® juice is always supplied in glass bottles to avoid chemical exchange which is often encountered with plastic bottles. The cap is made of tight-fitting aluminum that is pressed and sealed to the bottle, offering the benefits of a virtually airtight seal and a tamper-evident cap to ensure optimum freshness of the Juice.

Tahitian Noni International studied the preparation method used by traditional Tahitian herbalists and developed a process of extracting and bottling the juice of the Noni that closely resembles the method used by them. This product is not dehydrated or dried or a capsule, tablet or powder. Tahitian Noni International's extraction process preserved the essential nutrients and retained the health-giving properties of the fruit.
Tahitian Noni International's Flavor System contains a proprietary blend of grape and berry juices grown and harvested to Tahitian Noni International's exacting specifications.

The Source of Tahitian Noni® Juice

Tahitian Noni International uses the Noni juice of fruit grown only in the lush island paradise of Tahiti. Only Tahiti provides the environment essential to produce a flawless Noni fruit. Its lush, volcanic soils are rich and verdant, its water is pure and clean, and its air is free from pollutants and harmful elements. The pickers are instructed to let some of the fruit to drop on the ground to nourish and replenish the soil. Entire trees are skipped in the picking process, and Noni vineyards are grown specifically for the purpose of nurturing and replenishing the soil.

Noni fruit grown in French Polynesia (Tahiti) is larger, richer and more succulent than its counterparts and grows in far more abundance in the verdant, fertile habitat of Tahiti. Noni fruit in French Polynesia grows on every hillside, in every valley and on every island.

There is no other place on earth where Noni grows in such abundance. The soils of Hawaii and other established markets have been commercially cultivated for over seventy years. This over cultivation has stripped the soils of the essential nutrients required to produce the top quality Noni fruit that can only be found in Tahiti. One study indicates that, the Hawaiian soils would no longer be able to support an agricultural crop rich in nutrients due to over cultivation and over fertilization.

Natural healers prized its wellness secrets four thousand years ago. Poems were written in its honor as far back as 700 A.D. Ancient texts declared it to be superior. The world's leading authority on wellness endorses it. Today, health practitioners are calling it the biggest nutritional discovery in the last 50 years. TNI is the first to bring it to market - your Tahitian Noni® juice.

Cheap quality imitations! Be Cautious!!!

Dehydrated, or sun-dried fruit does not effectively maintain the active ingredients in Noni. Noni fruit is 91% water and the enzymes are found in the moist pulp of the fruit. Therefore, removing the water denatures the enzymes. Please don't be fooled by products with lower percentage of pure Noni or cheap quality imitations. Buy it Now Risk Free

Every batch of juice is tested by two independent labs as part of the quality assurance process. Tahitian Noni International (Morinda) employs a 6 point Quality Assurance program which is unlike anything in our industry. Tahitian Noni International controls the process from the tree to the bottle.

Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultant.
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